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Root canal treatment is done when a tooth is severely damaged wherein the structure and function becomes useless. One of the treatments available to prevent a tooth from this damage is root canal treatment. This involves removal of the tooth’s pulp and filling it with medicines and root canal filling. Here is the specific procedure of root canal treatment.

  1. Dr. Paik will first inject you with an anesthesia that will temporarily numb the nerves at the area affected by root canal treatment. The extent of damage will determine the level of anesthesia given so all those who have severe cases may experience numbness all over the mouth.

  2. Next, Dr. Paik will need to separate the damaged tooth by using a rubber. This protective rubber also prevents fluids and other substances to enter your mouth.

  3. After that, your pulp will be extracted from the center of your affected tooth and fills it in with medicines to kill bacteria and harmful organisms surrounding it.  Dr. Paik will then put in some tooth canal filling.

  4. A crown is usually necessary to keep the root canal intact. If you are required to have a crown, the dentist will need to thoroughly eliminate the decay and make a molded shape of your tooth. This will then be submitted to a technician who will make a crown that will specifically fit your tooth.

In a few hours after this procedure, the anesthesia will eventually wear off so you will feel pain especially in the treated area. A simple pain killer can treat this pain as per your doctor’s prescription.

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