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Dental Fillings

Tooth color fillings are made to restore the function of a tooth that is damaged by cavities. This is a structural problem wherein a patient experiences inconvenience in chewing of food, aside from the pain it causes. This dental procedure restores the tooth’s damaged structures and possibly regain health that affected by tooth damage.

Tooth color filling is also called composite resin filling which made of up ceramic and glass materials. These materials are made to be as microscopic as possible so it can be adhered efficiently into the teeth. The ceramic and glass mixture is dissolved in a plastic resin where it forms to restore the aesthetic of the damaged tooth. It can be made into different shades that should match the actual teeth color of the patient, and it is shaped into many forms so it can fit into damaged structures. When it adheres to the tooth, the filling will tightly seal the damaged tooth decreasing chance of leakage.

The benefit of restoring tooth through tooth color filling is that the filling will not be distorted over long periods of time. It will not crack or break easily as compared to other materials. With that, there is a reduction of bacterial invasion which may further damage the tooth especially when it begins to seep into the cracks.

Experience a technological advance in dental check-ups and treatments where your fear of dental procedures will ease away. Our innovative equipment is now made to reduce pain, hasten procedure and improve the quality of materials especially when it comes to fillings.

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